Wisefixer Any Good

Mntnrvn reply on December 28, 2013, this product is a nightmare as the technical people who work at the other end. I did a scan of the registry on the computer, and to cause serious errors, including the increase in pop-up windows, loss of Wi-Fi capabilities. many new problems. After running the scan and the activation code, showed the determination of the test that the computers have a score of 100, but when I run the scan from another company, 16457 computer problems. You want to return my money and keep trying, that tries to do something else. This company is bad, because on his website, he says: after purchasing the wise fixer, the customer must purchase a 60 day money back guarantee period. During this time, a refund of the purchase price received doses of the customer, if you are not satisfied with the operation of the software. Buyer caution! To go buy a new computer, to use wisefixer any good this software, because that's what you should do if the system that download Fixer have a wise old computer. Save this message,.